Timo. 22. Hamburg.

Timo loves traveling (a lot), photography, snapshots, literature, film, idealism, music, veganism, craft beer, disruptive ideas, vinyl, sunny days and sundays. He is a Scandinavia fan, tea lover, gin enthusiast, travel diary writer and talks about things in a podcast.

He works as a Planner at thjnk, where he develops brand strategies for various clients. Being obsessed with stories and people for half his life (he used to write for newspapers when he was younger), he is fascinated by psychology and sociology and is eager to find out what really motivates people to make the choices they make.

Timo studied Brand Management (B.A.) at the Brand Academy in Hamburg. In his thesis Timo evaluated the effects of craft beer for mass-market breweries.

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Kudos to Timm Schoof for the idea and Naz Hamid for the template and inspiration.
In this picture from 2012, Timo is in an area called The Burren (Ireland).